How we turned “Farm Truck” to “Black Beauty”


On Tuesday morning, we got a call from a gentleman almost an hour away. He said he was in need of an extreme buff and paint correction job, and would also like his interior cleaned. Luckily, he called the right place and we got him in right away (just a couple hours later) and got to work…

And it starts…

The Wash…

We pulled the truck into the wash bay and got to work soaking down the muddy exterior with our pre soak degreaser. This breaks down the mud and grime on the paint, in the wheels wells and on the door jambs.

After rinsing off all of the degreaser and mud, we scrubbed it top to bottom with our premium wash mitts, then rinsed off the soap.

The Interior…

First, we vacuum all of the loose gravel and trash on the carpet and seats. After that, we use our air compressor and blow out any gravel or trash under the seats, up under the dash and in between the seats and console, then we vacuum anything that blows out. We then soak the carpet and non fragile parts of the interior (seats, carpet, door panels etc) in a pre soak cleaner and then begin shampooing the carpet. After we got done shampooing, we cleaned every inch of the plastics (door panels, dash, cup holder etc) top to bottom including the headliner.

After everything is clean, we seal and condition the leather and plastics, apply fabric protectant on the carpet to prevent future staining and clean all of the windows.

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On to the paint…

First things first, we use clay bar, which when rubbed over the surface of the paint with a petrolium wax lubricant removes all oxidation, over spray, tree sap and other contaminants to prepare for buffing.

Now it’s time to buff. We started with a heavy grit cutting compound to work out the deeper scratches, and follow that with a medium compund. After the whole truck got a nice cut, we wrapped up the buffing with a smooth finishing cream to remove swirls and add a mirror finish to the clear coat.

Now that the paint and clear coat are contamination free, and silky smooth, we apply a very expensive paint sealant which protects the paint from being contaminated again for up to 12 months and also protects the paint from UV rays that can fade and destroy the base coat (sealant also helps prevent rust)

After the paint is sealed up nicely, we apply a 3-step specialty black dye petrolium wax that literally makes the black paint look like a puddle of black ink!

Icing on the cake…

Now that everything is pretty much done, we put a couple of vibrant air fresheners in the cup holders, mist a couple squirts of matching air freshener spray on the carpet and put protective floor matts on the floor so our customer doesn’t ruin our hard work on his way home.

The finished product (sorry for the short length, the customer was waiting in our waiting room and we didn’t want to take up much more of his time)

If you want your own vehicle to receive this luxury service, and you want to see your vehicle restored to (better) than it’s former glory and protected from the elements, click here to give us a call so we can find a service that fits your needs!


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